Mostly Prefered Special Applications


It is prefered for threading for screws and increased bearing area for tubes. M5-M6-M8 are standard bolt measurement.


It is prefered for air flow, decoration, as card guides, location markers, sheartabs, wire hardnessess or clip attachments.


It is prefered for providing air flow or ventilation. The tool is designed for a specific material thickness.


It is used to attach the necessary objects on the product or to create a reference point with the help of materials such as rope or wire.


It gives you benefit of making forms not possible with single hit forming tools. The most preferred reason is to increase the strength of the sheet after the form. This is a 3 ball working system. It has capability of making stiffening ribs in light gauge sheet metal and Cross-break operations on the punch press.


This tool can be used on all material types and thickness for making or etching on the surface of sheet metal. It uses a diamond insert  on the top and the ball helps movement of the sheet at the bottom. It can make marking at 3 different depths.


It has designed for special works. You can create ribs with Rolling Rib, cut in any angles by Rolling pincher, cut in any contour by Rolling Shear and offsets in any contour by Rolling Offset. Roller solutions help you increase productivity at the press. You can be one step ahead of your competitors.