CO2 Mirrors

Laser cutting machines which big investments are made for, plano convex and meniscus lenses are produced with assurance of Ophir Optics which is manufactured from Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) compounds which are used by several companies around the World.
Lenses which are made from chemically produced composite zinc and selenium provide high transparency in transition of CO2 laser beams through the lens allowing the laser beam to focus without energy loss and increase the cutting precision.Ophir lenses are produced in three different specifications which depends on your application area and need. In addition to the lenses used in standard materials, you can perform efficient cuts with recommended Black Magic™ and Clear Magic™ coated lenses when cutting high reflection materials.

The mirrors that transmit the laser beam which is formed in the machines directly affect the quality of cutting. Please contact us for further information about the mirrors which are suitable for your machine.