Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products For Lenses And Mirrors

Cleaning and maintenance of optical products are very important  in terms of machine efficiency and cutting quality. When cleaning and maintenance are done correctly with the right material; you can use your lenses and mirrors  for longer periods, you can minimize your maintenance cost.


Wipes for Lens Cleaning

It is the most pratical and useful product group that can be used during routine cleaning. With 2 different formula cleaning wipes you can clean your lenses in short time.


Acetone and Alumina – Oxide

Acetone is the most preferred product for lens and mirror cleaning. Acetone is used for the cleaning of surface dust and dirt due to its rapid evaporation and high cleaning ability. Alumina – Oxide with higher abrasion is preferred for stains that can not be cleaned with acetone.


Cleaning Paper

It is used for cleaning lenses with acetone. Soft texture does not damage the lens and cleans dirt on the surface. It does not leave any trace.