Ultra TEC® and Thick Turret

Mate’s Ulta Tec precision tooling system is a thick turret punching system which increases tool performance and offers extended tool life and reduces expenses.

Grease grooves on guides and punches of both A and B stations reduce wearing into minimum level due to friction. Grease grooves on C,D and E stations guides improve tools life. System of Up to 11mm punch grind life allows you adjust lenght of tool without using another tool. M2 and M4 tool steels are used for punch material and also extra hardened and titanium coating make grinding life last longer. Features of it helps maximum hits. Guides have 65HRc hardness by applying heat treatment. Thus allows maximum guide life and last long turret of machines.

Ultra Tec system has punches with multiple angle settings that allows more economic options with high quality. Please visit our web site and call us if you need much further information.