Fiber laser has been the mainstream marking method lately because it does not need maintenance and consumable parts. Besides, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy to operate etc. all of these advantages make fiber laser marking machine the most suitable choise , especially when want to mark on metal materials.

HBS GQ-D Series Technical data
Laser power 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Beam quality < 1.5
Repetition frequency ≤ 100 KHz
Marking area 110 x 110 mm
Marking depth ≤ 1.2 mm (adjustable)

GQ-D equipped with the high-quality fiber laser, high-stability galvanometer system, simple, flexible and easy to use. Can meet the common marking needs, such as marking metal parts and plastic parts (characters, text, logo, QR code, etc.). Extremely easy to be integrated into the assembly line. GQ-D is designed with maximum flexibility and extremely easy to move around. The marking head of GQ-D is designed to rotate 180 degrees. It also has adjustable X, Y and Z axis.